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  “If you have the desire, this is the method to make you a much better player. Robb is able to make complicated things simple. In other words, he is a great teacher! This is not just your average lesson series. This is a method to master the guitar fingerboard.  If you want to unleash your soloing potential, Robb is your man!”

        — Steven Craig (Attorney and Business Owner)

“...just a little story for the improvisation lessons he gives; I have friends that have been playing for 11+ years and are very dedicated players. I haven't been playing nearly THAT long, but after my improvisation lessons, they ask me on how I improvise and solo so well. It’s simple, Robb is the real deal for all styles and needs.

Rock On!”

        — Jared Keefer (student, age 15)

Is this the program for you?

    Whether you want to express yourself through improvisation and composition with a thorough understanding of the fretboard or just jam with your friends, this may be the program for you.

    My method is a hybrid of the most effective guitar theory, tools and teaching methods I have encountered and time tested with my students since 1989. All the lessons are laid out in a comprehensive plan so the student is always incorporating everything in a single lesson as it applies to:

  1. 1.theory

  2. 2.memorizing note locations on the neck

  3. 3.single string technique which covers the neck horizontally, vertically and diagonally

  4. 4.chords

  5. 5.chord progressions for improvising over.

The main sources of my method are;

  1. 1.The CAGED method (which was brought to a new level of understanding through Fretboard Logic by Bill Edwards. Learn more about Fretboard Logic at

  2. 2.The Grand Pattern which teaches you to play any scale or arpeggio from any finger anywhere.

  3. 3.The time I spent at GIT with so many great teachers and players.

  4. 4.Teaching improvisation to students and professionals since 1989.

Are you ready for this?

Check the lists below to see the prerequisites and a brief summary of each of the different sections in this program.


  1. 1.You are able to keep a steady rhythm while changing chords for at least three minutes.

  2. 2.You have the means to record yourself playing chord progressions for at least three minutes.

Improvisation Guitar Course Summaries

Section 1- Playing in key (In the keys of C and Am, create jams and improvise all over the fretboard)

Section II- Playing in any and all keys (Create more sophisticated jams and improvise in any key from anywhere adding articulations)

Section III- Playing over chord changes (Some notes sound better than others. Consistently play those “magic notes” because you know what they are, where they are and how to use them)

Section IV- Playing with modes (Gain a broader range of expression through proficiency in all seven modes of the major scale. Create more complex and interesting phrases with scale sequences, intervals and double-stops)

Section V- Harmonic Minor and Spanish Phrygian (Add exotic sounds and flavors to chord progressions and melodies)

Section VI- The Blues (Add some attitude and variety)

Section VII- Developing a personal style (By experimenting and understanding the thinking behind your favorite music)

To schedule a lesson or for further inquiry Robb can be reached at the phone number and by clicking on the email address below.






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